Gypsy Freeman

Photograph by Aaron Bowen  

Gypsy has been in the industry since 2012. She is professional, punctual, patient, drama-free, kind, intuitive, observant, sanitary, and helpful on set. 

She is represented by, and is the trainer and manager for a multi- award winning bridal airbrush artistry agency called Studio Bride. She also provides bridal artistry services independent of the agency.

Known for her creative process in fashion and beauty, and precision in makeup applications, she is capable of actualizing distinguishable differences for each project. She provides both creative direction and set design for most all of the test shoots she is part of. Her aesthetic spans over a wide range, from clean and minimalist, to bold and visually complicated. 

Along with the diverse set of skills she offers, she has coached models during many photo shoots, and is effectively able to convey her vision to models ranging in experience levels. Gypsy works both in front of and behind the camera, giving her a well-developed understanding of body positioning, lighting, composition, and which makeup techniques and wardrobe is appropriate per situation. Additionally, she is a freelance model. Her modeling work is featured in multiple small publications, advertising for LaZuli Organics Company, and underwater. 



Karity Cosmetics

LaZuli Organics Company

Tom Bush BMW

Tampa Magazine

Marybeth's Cottage



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